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A Guide to Buying Hemp Seeds

Questions about buying seeds?

With industrial hemp now legal to grow and process in the United State, farmers across the country are looking to get involved. The more you understand about buying and growing seeds, the more successful you will be. To learn more, give us a shout and one of our experts will help you get started.

Can I legally grow hemp?

  • Federally, by way of The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (aka 2018 Farm Bill), you can legally grow and process hemp. Consumers can buy and use hemp-derived products after the act removed hemp and related products from the Schedule 1 controlled substances list. State-level laws vary.
  • Each state has its own rules and regulations. Please check with your state department of agriculture to learn about the laws in your state. Additionally, you will want to pay attention to the regulations related the THC content allowance. Know whether your state is a “combined THC state” or a “delta-9 THC state”. Knowing this is important when deciding what products you are growing for and what strain you want to use.

Why grow hemp?

  • The hemp industry is a new one with astonishing growth projections. Companies and people who more quickly to get involved will learn faster, build larger professional networks and build a stable foundation. This all adds up to getting a head start on the competition and positioning yourself for future success.

What hemp seeds should I buy?

  • Think through what you want to do with the hemp plants after you grow them. Having a good idea of your future usage will help you make a better decision as to which seeds to buy. As a start, decide whether you want to grow hemp for industrial or medicinal purposes.
  • If you are growing for industrial purposes, focus on seed strains that can grow outdoors, are easily row-cropped, have hearty stocks so they can grow tall and withstand outdoor pests.
  • If you are growing for medicinal purposes, choose seed strains that have high CBDCBG and/or terpenes
  • This is one of the more complicated decisions when preparing to grow hemp. Give us a call and we can recommend options.

What are the best hemp seeds to buy?

  • Industry experts favor the Abacus strain. This popular strain is one of the most well-established strains on the market, meaning growers know a lot about it and that its results are predictable. It also serves a variety of uses and handles a wide range of growing conditions.
  • That said, there are several strains available on the market. Each has its own benefits and challenges. Each favors different growing conditions. Each is engineered for different uses. And each has a different history that affects the reliability and predictability of the strain.

Can hemp seeds go bad?

  • Yes they can. However, when kept in a low-moisture, dark and cool environment, they remain viable for a year or more. Hemp seeds sprout after a certain level of exposure to light and moisture, giving you the opportunity to retain seeds for years before needing to plant them. 

How long does it take for hemp seeds to sprout?

  • Most strains sprout in 5-10 days. Light and moisture signal the seeds to sprout. When exposed to the right amount of light and moisture, and kept in soil above 50°F, you should seed sprouts emerge in the 5-10 day range. Some seeds may sprout as early as 3 days while others may take up to two weeks.

How many hemp seeds are needed to plant an acre?

  • Most farmers plant between 1,500-4,000 seeds per acre. Some reduce down to 1,000 seeds per acre while others push up towards 8,000. Farmers growing medicinal CBD strains plant at the lower end of the density range, while those planting for industrial use plant at the higher end.

What is the best climate for growing hemp?

  • Due to the wide variety of strains available today, hemp grows in many climates. Traditionally, favorable climates have offered 50-80°F growing seasons, 25-30 inches of annual rainfall and soil temperatures between 42-46°F. Check with us to find a seed that matches your climate.

What temperature do hemp seeds sprout at?

  • Hemps seeds germinate between 70-85°F. In higher temperatures, seed germination is disrupt germination. In lower temperatures, germination is delayed. Research seed strains for more specificity and consider whether you will be growing indoors or outdoors.

Can I grow hemp seeds organically?

  • Yes! While marijuana is not allowed by the USDA to be certified organic, hemp is. There is a strong demand for certified organic hemp right now without much supply to match. Be sure to buy certified organic seeds to match with your organic farm.
  • In fact, our proprietary Abacus hemp seeds are grown organically. This makes it easy for you to continue your organic practices using our seeds. Pay special attention to your growing environment to help you select the best soil nutrients and growing practices to maintain the organic environment.

Is it profitable to grow hemp?

  • It is for farmers who do it right. The 2019 growing season had its share of successful farmers while many farmers emerged with horror stories. Building your sales funnel is just as important as picking seed and growing your crop. Our experts understand the industry and help you plan for a successful future.

What farm equipment is used for growing hemp?

  • While in depends on your usage plans for your crop, straight sickle mowers are a common choice for harvesting hemp for industrial purposes. They improve retting efficiency by leaving cut stems neatly organized on the ground.

When do I harvest hemp?

  • Most harvesting in the United States occurs in October, when your crop is roughly 12-16 weeks old. Several factors could adjust this timeline, including your growing conditions and the hemp strain you are growing.
  • High CBD strains are normally harvested at 12 weeks. Be sure to check with your state agriculture department before harvesting as most states have regulations in place requiring a THC compliance test before harvest.

Abacus Seeds

High CBD hemp seeds are popular for their medicinal value. Our proprietary Abacus strain has a history of reliability and produces predictability high CBD content with a rich terpene profile.

Focus on Genetics

The genetic attributes of a strain, and of its phenotypes, makes a difference to you and your business. Knowing the genetics of your seeds is important.

What Are Terpenes?

The terpene content of a strain provides additional benefits and affects the smell and flavor. While the biological purpose of terpenes is to repel predators and attract pollinators, we now know they promote benefits like relaxation or energy.
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Inquire to Buy Wholesale Hemp Seeds

Buying Wholesale Hemp Seeds?


We sell wholesale hemp seeds. Our experts know what type of seed to choose to offer a predictable yield. We also help you evaluate CBD levels, terpene content and controlled delta-9 THC levels, which are all important considerations choosing your hemp seed.