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Buying in small lots from time-to-time risks buying different strains in each lot. Each strain that you buy needs unique growing conditions. It also yields different results. Buying in bulk ensures all of your plants share these important characteristics.


Buying Bulk Hemp Seeds?

Follow Our Tips for a Successful Harvest

When you’re buying bulk hemp seeds, it helps to have a reliable hemp seed supplier in your corner. Give us a call and we’ll help you plan. We are here for you before, during and after your purchase. It’s our goal to help you have a successful harvest and an enjoyable experience. Here are a few topics we can help you plan out.

Consider Your Planting Acreage

Farmers typically plant 1,500-4,000 plants per acre, depending on the strain being grown. Spacing between the plants also varies depending on the strain. CBD strains are planted with less density while strains for industrial use are planted with higher density. Since this industry is still relatively young, some farmers are planting seeds with different spacing on different acreages to collect data. They then use this data to define their growing strategies each season.

Prepare for Natural and/or Irrigated Water

Once the seeds are planted, it’s important to to give the seeds enough water so their roots will take. Each hemp strain has its own water demands, and it’s usually different than the crops  you previously grew – whether that was soybeans, corn, or another. It’s important to think through your climate, your water delivery system and your process to decide when to bring more water to the seeds. None of this is rocket science, though it does take a moment to think through. Having experts to bounce ideas off of goes a long way.

Know Your Soil

Like any plant, hemp grows better in good soil. Most farmers think heavily before using pesticides and are selective when using herbicides or fungicides. Depending on your desired end product, varying levels of row-walking may or may not bee needed to keep the plants free of threats. It’s important to have a plan, as hemp grows incredibly fast for the first 60 days.

Prepare for the Strain’s Growing Cycle

Your hemp plants have a specific growing cycle that you’ll use to harvest to meet your needs. With many factors involved, including soil temperature and annual rainfall, t’s important to buy from a seller who will help you understand this growing cycle. Doing so will help yield your ideal CBD and terpene content. It will also ensure you keep your plants safely below the mandated 0.3% delta-9 THC level.

Think Strategically About Usages

Each hemp strain lends itself to a variety of usages.  From fiber to oil to powder and beyond, there are seemingly limitless uses for each part of the hemp plant. Think through where you will sell or use your hemp to serve your customers or the market at large. You will use different strategies if you are growing for industrial purposes versus medicinal purposes. Want help brainstorming? We can help.

Our Proprietary Abacus Strain

When buying form us, you gain access to our proprietary Abacus strain. it is genetically engineered to grow in a variety of outdoor conditions, including the challenging temperature swings and freezing points experienced in the upper midwest.

Hemp Plant & Clones

For smaller operations, buying hemp plants is a good options. We prepare clones, help them take root, then deliver them to you to give you a head start. These plants will grow in a greenhouse or in the open air. Plants and clones are also a great way to engineer phenotypes for your unique applications.

Tips When Buying Seeds

Here are a few tips to help you prepare to buy hemp seeds. Understanding the seed genetics, having a vision for how you will sell your harvest and knowing your growing conditions are key elements to the seed buying journey.  
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Inquire to Buy Wholesale Hemp Seeds

We also sell hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds are growing in popularity, giving farmers the opportunity to utilize familiar processes and machinery to transition into the hemp industry. Not all seeds are created equal, though. Knowing about the seeds you are buying and having a plan for selling after you grow is essential.

Buying hemp plants or clones and buying hemp seeds serve different purposes. Whether your business is focused on one or both, we’re here to help.