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As premium bulk hemp seed suppliers, quality and integrity is the heart of what drives us as a premium bulk hemp seed supplier. We strive to offer products and services our customers feel confident and proud in choosing.

Our team is legally registered with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). We work under 1 acre of greenhouses and across 7 acres of farmland. All of our industrial hemp products are grown using safe organic practices.

Our team shares a passion for furthering the growth of the hemp industry with best practices, research and genetics. We hope you join us.

We are proud to offer high CBD seed, flower, genetics and clones. Learn more about:

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We have the experience, team and resources necessary for your success. With extensive agricultural experience, team members have helped businesses grow from conception to over 9 figures of revenue in under four years. We take our roles seriously and all share a common passion for seeing the hemp industry grow.

Richard L. Brama

chief operations officer

Richard is co-founder and COO. He brings a long history of successful entrepreneurial experience within the cannabis and hemp industry as well as the restaurant industry.

FAQ on Bulk Hemp Seeds

What to look for when purchasing bulk hemp seeds?
How do you understand the best type of seed to choose to offer  a predictable yield in your geographic region?
What CBD levels, terpene content and controlled delta-9 THC levels should I look for? 
These are all important considerations when you are growing hemp.